Diameter X210


The diameter from motor to motor is 210mm X / 215mm stretched and the frame fits 5“ props.



Designing, prototyping and an important part of the manufacture process has taken place in switzerland.



The DoubleX frame weights about 80g 4mm / 90g 5mm naked and +10g with its 3D printed compontents.

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Choose your builds height

Choose between 25mm and 35mm space between top and bottom plate. This way you can freely select your components and the frame perfectly matches your requirements.

Image for build height

Choose your bottomplates thickness

Choose between standard 4mm or ultra strong 5mm bottomplate. The 4mm Plates are also available in TrueX and LongX!

Image for build height

Unique antenna mount design!

Our unique flexible antenna mount provides a robust and sexy solution for your FPV antenna! SMA and AXII style mounts are available.

Image for build height

XT60 and RX Antenna mount

We designed another flexible 3D printed part for the XT60 connector and receiver antennas. This part also allows for a strain relief to protect the soldering pads on the electronics.

Image for build height

FPV camera

Our FPV camera mount allows more than 45° tilt angle and fits all common cameras like Foxeer Arrow V3, Runcam Eagle, Runcam Swift etc.

Image for build height

Micro FPV camera

Our micro FPV camera mount allows more than 50° tilt angle and fits all common micro cameras like Runcam Micro 2, Foxeer Predator Micro etc.

Image for build height

Smooth edges on all our frames!

Fillets on our mainplates give ultra smooth finish and extended lifetime. This also decelerates the occurence of delamination on the arm endings.

Image for battery on top

GoPro Ready!

Our GoPro mount can be mounted on top of the topplate with 4x scews. It is available in 30/40/50/60° angle to match your skills!

Image for GoPro ready