X145 / S153

The diameter from motor to motor is X145/S153 mm for 3" and X170/S183 mm for 4".



Designing, prototyping and an important part of the manufacture process has taken place in switzerland.



The RaceX Mini frame weights about 30g naked and 50g with its 3D printed compontents.

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Interlocking Arms

Both front and rear arms use an interlocking system to counteract loose arms after impacts. Our system also makes sure the flight controller screws are not affected in an arm replacement.

Image for interlocking arms

Different Arm Styles

This frame is available with X and StretchX arms for 3 and 4 inch propellers. The arms are 4mm thick which makes the frame extremely sturdy for 3/4".

Image for different arm styles

Fast Arm Replacement

The design of the arms allow a very fast replacement within seconds. Only one screw has to be unbolt completely whereas the other only needs to be loosened slightly.

Image for fast arm replacement

Battery Strap placement

Although the arms are connected to each other, there is still space left in between the centerplates for the battery strap. This allows for easy and fast battery replacement.

Image for battery strap placement

FPV Antenna

Our unique flexible antenna mount provides a robust and sexy solution for your FPV antenna! The mount can hold AXII's, Lollipop's and similar stubby antennas.

Image for FPV antenna

Camera Protection

The camera protection is designed to hold and protect a micro camera. Runcam Micro Swift 2 style cameras are supported.

Image for camera protection

Topplate Ready

The RaceX Mini can be built with a topplate. The topplate protects the electronic components in a crash and can hold a GoPro oder fin.

Image for GooPro ready

Canopy Ready

The RaceX Mini can also be built with a canopy. All the features above also suit the canopy version! You can put the Crossfire Race Antenna into the fin of the Pod.

Image for canopy ready