CinematiX 4 V2


Ultimate 4″ Cinewhoop

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The ultimate cinewhoop for

Naked BMPCC Cinema Indoor

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TPU Bumper

Nervous of hitting tight spots? Don’t worry!

The TPU Bumper will keep your frame and enviroment safe, even if you manage to hit a wall or don’t make the smoothest landing


Camera Mount

The CinematiX 4 is made for either GoPro or any naked BMPCC 4k/6k on the market.

Camera Positions

Also it’s possible to change the position of the camera with ease.
You can mount it in backwards for forwards to unleash your creativity and cope with any scenario.

XT30 Power

A screwed down XT30 terminal provides ridgid 12V power for your Cinema Camera.
Because it has a solid connection to the Frame, plugging in and out is very easy and convenient.

3D Printed Parts

Many 3D printed parts make this Frame very organized and easy to maintain. You end up with a clean build where every part sits tight at its specific place. We provice parts for the AirUnit, Pololu Step-Down, SMA Connection and the Immortal-T Antenna, Crossfire receiver and many more.

5″ Cinewhoop aka CinematiX 5

We are proud to offer the CinematiX 4 as a continuation of our cinewhoop lineup. This Frame incorporates all founding from many previous smaller designs and is made and optimized for shooting professional cinematic footage with a naked cinema camera. It is best paired with a naked Blackmagic and 4″ propellers to ensure usual flight times of 3-4 minutes instead of only 1-2 with a full weight camera. Since the sandwich construction provides a stiff base, the CinematiX 4 can handle some acrobatic moves despite its cinewhoop-ish look and protected propellers. It’s main area of expertise however is tight locations including people or other ‘soft targets’. The protection cage increases operational safety for anyone involved and near the place of shoot. The frame can be built as pusher or puller.

A versatile solution for camera mount allows different positions on top of the frame with either naked BMPCC 4k mountings or Gopro camera holder.

Top Specs

100 km/h +
2 km and more
3-5 minutes

Top features

– Made for DJI Air Unit HD Videolink

– Use a BEC to power camera via XT30

– Different cam mounting options

– up to 5.2″ Propellers

Kit includes

– CinematiX 5 CFK Kit

– Standoffs and Screws

– 3D Kit

– Silicon Battery Pad

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– No cinema camera included!

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6S 1400mha LiPos

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5" propellers

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