CinematiX 6


Ultimate Cinewhoop Frame

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The ultimate BNF cinewhoop for

FX6 Komodo Indoor

XT60 Terminal

Having an integrated XT60 terminal in your FPV drone isn’t a game-changer, but it’s incredibly useful for hassle-free LiPo changes.

TPU Bumper

Feeling apprehensive about navigating narrow areas? No need to fret!

The TPU Bumper ensures your frame and surroundings stay secure, even in case of collisions with walls or less-than-perfect landings.

Camera Mount

This frame boasts an incredibly adaptable camera mount. Our exclusive UCM camera mount can be flexibly installed either in a rigid or soft-mounted configuration, offering multiple positioning options.


A protective side skirt shields the electronics from dust, ensuring prolonged durability and performance.

XT30 Power

The securely fastened XT30 terminal delivers stable 12V power to your cinema camera. Its robust connection to the frame enables effortless and convenient plug-in and removal processes.

3D Printed Parts

Numerous 3D printed components contribute to this frame’s excellent organization and ease of maintenance. This meticulous construction results in a tidy assembly where each part fits snugly in its designated location. Our range includes parts for the AirUnit, Pololu Step-Down, SMA Connection, Immortal-T Antenna, Crossfire receiver, and numerous other components, ensuring a precise fit for a well-structured build.

6″ Cinewhoop

We’re thrilled to present the CinematiX 6 Frame Kit, tailor-made for assembling your own cinematic whoop at the 6″ scale. Specifically engineered to capture high-quality cinematic footage, this frame is optimized for use with heavier film cameras like the BMPCC naked and Red Komodo. Its sturdy sandwich construction provides a solid base, allowing the CinematiX 6 to perform agile maneuvers despite its cinewhoop-like appearance and guarded propellers. Its expertise lies in navigating compact spaces, especially around people or delicate subjects. The added protective cage significantly enhances safety for everyone involved near filming areas.

Top Specs

100 km/h +
2 km and more
3-5 minutes

Top features

– Compact and lightweight sandwich construction

– Many 3D prints for clean builds

– optional UCM mount for a variety of cameras

– BMPCC naked mounting pattern

– up to 6″ Propellers

Kit includes

– CinematiX 6 Frame

– Screw sest

– 3D Print set

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– optional: Cinema camera mount UCM

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