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3.5″ Cinematic Allrounder

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The small drone

for Cinematic Indoor Action footage

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3"/3.5″ FilmQuad aka Allrounder

We take great pride in presenting the FlowX Mini Kit as a comprehensive BNF (Bind-N-Fly) package, complete with everything you need to embark on your FPV journey.

The FlowX Mini BNF is a versatile setup designed for capturing a wide range of shots, particularly in situations where safety is paramount. With the optional PropGuards, the risk of injuries and damage is significantly minimized. Its compact size and lightweight build allow this kit to be used safely in controlled environments, where larger drones pose a greater risk. When flown without the optional prop guards, the FlowX Mini truly excels in freestyle flying, especially when combined with a naked GoPro. This configuration can achieve flight times exceeding 6 minutes while maintaining a high power-to-weight ratio for acrobatic maneuvers. In essence, the FlowX Mini is a versatile all-rounder.

The ability to adjust the GoPro camera angle to suit different shooting scenarios is of paramount importance. To address this, we’ve implemented a crucial feature in the frame: the front pod of the frame includes a mechanism for precisely and repeatedly changing the GoPro’s angle. Say goodbye to off-center shots!

To enhance durability, the front pod is softly mounted, which helps absorb some of the crash energy in minor accidents. As a bonus, soft mounting also minimizes motor-induced vibrations, ensuring that your footage remains as stable as possible.

Achieving an All-Up Weight (AUW) of less than 400g necessitates the removal of any non-essential components. As such, this kit can be optionally purchased with a “naked GoPro,” essentially a streamlined GoPro camera.

The components used in this build are among the best products available on the market, having undergone thorough testing. This makes it a trusted choice for any mission. Each BNF drone is meticulously assembled, tested, and fine-tuned right here in Switzerland. Please be aware that this process takes time – typically around 1 week – to prepare your BNF package to the highest standards.

Top Specs

100 km/h +
2 km and more
3-8 minutes
260g (Air Unit O3, 3.5″)

Top features

– DJI O3 or Caddx vista Videolink

– Optimized for carrying a (naked) GoPro

– XNOVA 2203.5 2400kv Motors


– TBS Crossfire or ELRS receiver

– 6S LiPo power

– 3.5″ Propellers

– 3mm arm thickness

– conformal coating

– specific tune

– preconfigured PID profile

– preconfigured OSD

– preconfigured telemetry

– test flight performed on every drone

Kit includes

– Bind and Fly FlowX Mini incl. GoPro mount

– 4 pairs of 3.5″ propellers

– Lipo Strap

– Sweet goodies to make your day!

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  1. Marco

    Richtig toll zu fliegen, kann ich jedem sehr empfehlen!

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3.5" propellers

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  1. Marco

    Richtig toll zu fliegen, kann ich jedem sehr empfehlen!

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