FPV Beginner Step by Step


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This is the ultimate beginner Step by Step Kit. Start your FPV Journey without huge investments by simply learning how to fly with simulator! Upgrade your ‘Step 1’ Kit with more and more accessories to finally obtain a full

Velocidrone is a great FPV simlator allowing to experience FPV in a save and ‘cheap’ manner. Once you get the hang of flying in the simulator, flying in the real world is no big deal anymore!

There are three steps in the journey:

  1. Learn to fly with a simulator
  2. Fly a real drone in LOS (line of Sight) outdoor
  3. Convert your LOS drone with the FPV Upgrade Kit into the ultimative FPV Racer (HD or analog, you choose!)
  4. Enjoy your first real world FPV Experience with an FPV Goggle

Step 1 includes

  • 1 x Tango 2 remote controller
  • 1 x USB cable for connection to simulator
  • 1 x Tango 2 Neck Strap Mount