HOD Toolset


HOD Toolset

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Our new signature toolset. Contains everything you need for your workshop to build drones or for a emergency repair in the field.
Be ready in seconds, just open the toolbag and you’re set for any kind of repairs.

Comes equipped with the following items we use on a daily basis:

  • HOD Toolbag
  • Wera 1.5mm Hex (M2)
  • Wera 2.0mm Hex (M3)
  • Wera 2.5mm Hex (M4)
  • Wera 4.0mm Hexnut (M2)
  • Wera 5.5mm Hexnut (M3)
  • Wera 8.0mm Hexnut (M5)
  • Knipex Precision Tweezers
  • Knipex Pliers
  • Knipex grip pliers
  • TS101 Soldering Iron
  • TS101 XT60 connector cable
  • TBS Solder
  • 3M Tape