M1.4 RENY Screws



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RENY screws safe around 0.5g on all your whoop builds! One of the strongest plastic in the world make sure these hold your motor well enough. But be careful and do not tighten too much.

RENY is 50% glass fiber reinforced Super Nylon (Polyamide MXD6).  Among all plastics, it has the highest strength and coefficient of elasticity. RENY is stronger than other FRP such as GF30 PA 66, GF30 PA 6. Our RENY fasteners are injection molded, so better price than machined FRP screws. Moreover, due to its excellent oil resistance and heat resistance, it is used in transportation, automobiles, general machinery, precision machinery parts, electrical and electronic equipment, civil engineering, and construction material in place of metals.

Kit contains:

  • 15 pcs of reny M1.4X4 screw