Naked BMPCC 4k


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Custom Carbon Reinforced Sensor Housing
Easy adjustable camera angle
XT30 12V Power Input
Power Switch
Record Button
Status LED
Rubber Dampers
Fold Mechanism for easy access
Built in Display
Gyro Logger mounting option

Dust / SD Card protection

3d printed parts provide protection from dust and will keep your SD card safe from falling out and loosing your footage. The mainboard is conformal coated to provide some protection against water / humidity.

Built in display

The integrated display increases the usability of the naked camera. Due to Firmware limitations, booting the camera is only possible with the LCD connected. With the integrated display, changing batteries on your drone (and thus rebooting the camera) can be done more efficient and without connecting the display! The disadvantage of the added weight is outweighed by the increase in user friendliness.

Custom Controls

We designed a button and switch combination that allows for easy camera operation. The power button is a solid on off switch that snaps in place. The record button is a single push button that you can easily access to start the footage. Two LEDs provide information about camera status (ON/REC).

Adjustable Camera Angle

With our construction, you can easily adjust the camera angle to your likings. Just loosen the two thumbscrews a litte bit, adjust the angle, and screw them tight. Also this design provides more stiffness and some extra protection for the image sensor.

Reinforced Sensor Housing

We provide a custom housing for the image sensor printed in SLS for maximum precision.
This nylon housing is reinforced with 2mm carbon fiber plates to keep the sensor safe and the whole construction stiff. The lever force of the lens is diverted in the carbon fiber mainframe to protect the image sensor. The lens housing is prepared to include a 20×20 flight controller for blackbox logging and video stabilization with Gyroflow.


Our custom gyro logger is optionally included with our naked BMPCC cameras. Its positioned nicely and securely behind the lens instead of on top as it is with many other naked BMPCC cameras. The logging automatically starts together with the REC-button of the camera, speeding up the workflow with stabilization in Gyroflow. The RGB LED on the logger provides information about the current logging state.

Naked Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

We are proud to offer our version of the naked Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. The BMPCC 4k is stripped of any unnecessary weight and the remaining parts are just enough to create the stunning footage the BMPCC camera family are known for. An extended lens cable enables optimal placement of the lens assembly. Custom button and status LEDs decrease complexity of operation making it as reliable as possible. The same goes for the included display to change and check camera settings. With the included display, the camera supports the newest firmware updates and can be easily restarted without the need for an external display connection.

We recomend to pair this camera with our 5″ CinematiX or 8″ KinomatiX Lite for a great number of possible use cases. Flying around people and longringe diving with a 4K cinema camera is now possible!

Each naked Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k is hand built and tested here in Switzerland. Please be informed this takes time – we need roughly 2 weeks to prepare your camera.

Top features

– 530g without lens (incl. gyrologger)

– Easy fold design

– Custom image sensor cable

– Custom control board with toggle switch for power and button for recording with status LED’s

– 2mm carbon fiber plates on body and sensor housing

– conformal coated electronics

– 3d printed sensor housing, reinforced with carbon plates

– ready for Blackbox logging & Gyroflow

– Easy camera angle adjustment

Kit includes

– Naked Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– TPU dampers

– Lens is not included!

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