NakeX 2 HD BNF


Ultralight BNF HD cinewhoop!

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for indoor mind-blowing ultra close up footage

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2″ Cinewhooop aka The Tiny One

We are proud to offer the NakeX 2 as a complete BNF with everything you need to start your own FPV journey. This setup is made and optimized for shooting slow cinematic footage in really difficult environments. The NakeX is a super small setup to catch any shot when space is rare! With its protective frame, the risk of injuries and damage is reduced to a minimum. The small footprint and its ultra low weight allow this drone to be safely used in precarious environments where larger drones are a great risk. Super low takeoff weights of 230-260g including a naked GoPro or GoPro bones is typical. Due to its slim carbon design, acrobatic maneuvers are performed with ease. The NakeX 2 with an O3 Air unit is a very powerful combination for filmmaking. Many flight-restricting laws don’t apply to this drone because of its low takeoff weigt.

The components used for this build are some of the best available products on the market. They have been thoroughly tested making this the trusted Gear for any mission. Each BNF Drone is hand built, tested and tuned here in Switzerland. Please be informed this takes time – we need roughly 2 weeks to prepare your BNF.

Top Specs

60 km/h +
1 km and more
3-5 minutes
200-260g (incl. GoPro and LiPo)

Top features

– Caddx Vista HD Videolink

– made for carrying a naked GoPro

– Carbon fiber cage for optimal protection

– 2″ Propellers

– 2mm  sandwhich frame

– conformal coating

– specific tune

– preconfigured PID profile

– preconfigured OSD

– preconfigured telemetry

– test flight performed on every drone

Kit includes

– Bind and Fly NakeX incl. GoPro mount

– 4 pairs of 2.5″ propellers

– Lipo Strap

– Sweet goodies to make your day!

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Instant Fly kit

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4S 650mAh LiPo

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2" propellers

Prop it up

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