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2″/2.5″ cinematic whoop

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Looking for a Ready to Fly (BNF) build? check this out:


Our ultralight whoop NakeX is designed for carrying a Gopro on a very light build. The decased GoPro only weighs around 30g and the total build w/o Lipo is 115g (analog)! Thats extremely low for a 4k and Reelsteady capable drone! Safety concerns can basically be forgotten 😉

One of the first Frames made for naked GoPros has now found a range of competitors. The sandwhich construction makes this frame much stiffer than other plastic style frames. Improved flight characteristics and less aerodynamic drag can be expected!


  • Analog or HD FPV setup
  • maximized stiffness (compared to plastic frames)
  • optimized for naked GoPro Hero 6 / 8
  • 98mm/114mm diagonal (2″/2.5″)
  • ca 26g/32g weight (excl. printed parts)
  • 2mm thickness
  • WideX
  • Many 3D printed Accesoires
  • Whoop AIO (25.4×25.4)

Recommended setup:

  • 1204-1404 Motors
  • 25.4×25.4 AIO
  • Emax  AVAN 2″ / Gemfan Flash 2540

Kit includes:

  • 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • Standoffs and Screws
  • 3D printed camera mount
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • 3D printed LiPo mount
  • 3D printed GoPro mount (for Betafpv naked case V2)

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    1. David Gu @4dase

      Now this is one of my favourite frames.
      I have it setup with a Betafpv AIO and another one on JHEMCU. Both with caddx vista emax 1404 motors and holy crap does this lill rocket haul ass! its so fun I keep risking more using this. I have crashed it several times and not broken anything yet. The tpu protectors for the frame are amazing and make flying near cars less scary. We have flown ours trough many hypercars and never had any issues.

      Be sure to print the bottom tpu for that extra added protection.

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