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Standalone O3 FPV Pod

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Fully Standalone

The O3Pod functions seamlessly as an independent and fully operational device.

O3 inside

The design of this FPV Pod is centered around the DJI O3 system, featuring convenient external accessibility to essential components such as the bind button, SD card slot, and USB connector. This thoughtful arrangement ensures easy user interaction with these elements from the outside.

Builtin OSD and GPS

When equipped with a Betaflight-based flight controller, our O3Pod incorporates OSD (On-Screen Display) functionality, providing users with real-time information such as speed, battery status, home position, and flight distance.

Power unlock button

Achieve the maximum output power of the O3 system effortlessly with a single touch button, allowing users to access the device’s full potential. The integrated LED provides informative feedback about the current power status of the device.

Active cooling

The integrated fan plays a crucial role in cooling processes, especially considering the significant heat generated by the O3 system. In a static environment, the O3 tends to shut off after approximately 5 minutes due to heat accumulation. However, when the device is in motion, mounted on a drone, airplane, or car, the continuous movement enables the system to operate seamlessly without interruptions, ensuring sustained performance.

XT30 power

The O3Pod is equipped with an XT30 connector at the rear, allowing it to be powered across a voltage range of 2S to 6S.

O3 standalone FPV Pod

Embark on unparalleled FPV adventures with the O3Pod – a revolutionary accessory designed to transcend traditional boundaries. At its core lies the powerful DJI O3 system, delivering a standalone FPV experience enriched with a Betaflight-based flight controller for real-time On-Screen Display (OSD) information. Explore limitless applications as the O3Pod seamlessly adapts to diverse use cases, including FPV boats, planes, cars, and beyond.

Experience the freedom to unlock the O3 system’s full potential with a single touch button, complemented by an intuitive LED indicator for instant power status updates. Recognizing the inherent heat challenges, the O3Pod incorporates an integrated fan, ensuring optimal performance in dynamic scenarios.

In static environments, where heat accumulation may trigger an automatic shutdown after approximately 5 minutes, the O3Pod transforms seamlessly. Whether mounted on an FPV boat navigating through waterways, a plane soaring through the skies, or a car racing on the ground, the O3Pod’s continuous motion guarantees uninterrupted operation.

Adding to its versatility, the O3Pod features a convenient XT30 connector at the back, accommodating power options ranging from 2S to 6S. This adaptability positions the O3Pod as the ultimate FPV companion, offering a customizable and immersive flying experience tailored to the unique demands of various platforms.

Step into a realm of limitless possibilities with the O3Pod – where innovation meets adaptability, and your FPV journey takes flight in unprecedented ways.

Top features

– DJI Air Unit O3 Videolink

– 2-6S LiPo power

– O3 heatsink

– O3 cooling fan

– Aikon F7 FC

– M10 GPS

– Power unlock button with status led

– conformal coating

– preconfigured OSD

Kit includes

– O3 FPV Pod

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