PractiX 5

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5″ ultralight

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The drone

for crazy cornering twisty tracks performance

5″ Racing Quad aka Ultralight

The PractiX 5″ is an ultralight high performance racing frame. The drone is extremely responsive because of its very low weight and high power. The thrust to weight ratio is somewhere around 10:1 for a usual setup which takes cornering to a new level. 5″ Ultralights are a new generation of racing quads which can beat the traditional racers with the exception of large high speed tracks.

Top Specs

Up to 5.1″ propellers
204 mm diagonal
analog / Caddx nebula (pro)
45 g

Top features

– Caddx Vista or analog video Setup

– Optimized for track racing

– 6S LiPo power

– 5″ Propellers

– 5mm arm thickness

– preconfigured PID profile

– preconfigured OSD

– preconfigured telemetry

Kit includes

– Bind and Fly PractiX 5

– 4 pairs of 5″ propellers

– Lipo Strap

– Sweet goodies to make your day!

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Instant Fly kit

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6S 650mAh LiPo

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5" propellers

Prop it up

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