RaceX Mini

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3 / 4″ Racing frame

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4″ arms are out of Stock!

The RaceX mini is the perfect 3″ / 4″ frame. Key features are:

  • 4″: 170mm X / 183mm Stretched diagonal
  • 3″: 145mm X / 152mm Stretched diagonal
  • Weight: ca. 35g naked, 50g with canopy
  • Replaceable arms (TrueX, StretchX)
  • Interlocking arms
  • 20×20 stack compatibility
  • Slot for LiPo strap
  • Canopy or Topplate configuration
  • Tight, really tight! No space for big rx or vtx. Nano size recommended.

FPV Camera Type:

  • micro 2: 19x19mm size, short lens (like runcam micro swift 2)

FPV Antenna Type:

  • Axii: made for alle antennas with UFL adapter, +- 16mm diameter ( Lollipop, Axii, Big Mac usw)

Kit includes:

  • 1.5mm Bottom Plate
  • 4x 4mm Arm
  • 1.5mm Mid Plate
  • 2mm Top Plate / 3D printed Canopy
  • Standoffs (25mm) and Screws
  • 3D printed Camera Protection
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • Silicone Battery Pad

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