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5″ Longrange BNF

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The Ultralight Longranger for

endurance relaxing exploration missions

5″ Long Range Quad

The RangeX Mini is the perfect frame for demanding Longrange/Cinematic Pilots. It’s the Mini-Me of its big RangeX brother and features similar specs, except being made for 5″ ultralight setups.

Due to its low weight, the finished build promises extreme flight times of up to 30 minutes. It’s perfect for those long range, low speed endurance cruising missions. Same as the 7″ RangeX epic, a very special feature of this frame is the bottom mounted GoPro. This makes sure the GoPro lens is the lowest point in forward flight to create the little extra sauce in low pass long range footage! A standard top mounted GoPro is an option none the less. Included arm braces increase the stiffness of the frame to allow for heavier batteries and improved flight performance. The unique frame design offers a lot of room and possibilities for mounting hardware, fpv equipment and additional gear.  LiPos or LiIon batteries can be mounted underslung or on top of the frame.

Top Specs

Up to 5.1″ propellers
228mm diagonal
DJI Air unit, Caddx Vista and analog


– Deadcat arm Style

– 5″ propellers

– 5mm arm thickness

– Weight: 225 g (incl. 3D printed parts and arm braces)

– GoPro lens is lowest point in forward flight

– No props in view

– 20×20 stack or AIO (25.4×25.4)

– Vista mounting in the back

Kit includes

– RangeX Epic Mini BNF

– 2 Sets of propellers

– spare Standoffs& screws

– Arm braces (good for heavy LiPos)

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5.1" propellers

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