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5″ racing frame

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Our race and cine Pilot Lazy (aka Moritz Werffeli) has won a bunch of trophies with this legendary frame. As we like to say, the RENN-Stall V1 is a true Tank.

Kit includes:

  • 1x RENN-STALL Frame 5 inch
  • 1x RENN-STALL Screws Set
  • 1x RENN-STALL Sticker

Lazy Special Edition includes:

  • 1x RENN-STALL Frame  5 inch
  • 1x RENN-STALL Screws Set
  • 1x RENN-STALL Shark Fin
  • 1x RENN-STALL Extra Topplate
  • 1x RENN-STALL GoPro Mount
  • 1x RENN-STALL Spare Arm
  • 1x RENN-STALL LiPo Strap
  • 2x RENN-STALL Micro LED’s (made by Robin Schneider)
  • 1x RENN-STALL Antenna Mount
  • 1x RENN-STALL Immortal-T Mount
  • 3x SET Lazy’s Favourite Props (at the moment…)
  • 1x RENN-STALL Sticker

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  1. The Pipper

    schnelle Lieferung, kompetent beratung und wirklich gute qualität.

  2. Wüthrich


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