Ultralight 3″ racing frame!

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The RiskiX is our ultimate light weight 3″ racing frame. 

The “toothpick” class is a new class in FPV racing and most of the frames are based on whoop style AIO flight controllers and ESCs. The TPU pod on those frames (including the StickiX TPU canopy) are lightweight but definitely lack of protection for the electronics inside. Over time, mechanical impact will result in defective components.

With this in mind, we designed the RiskiX as the ultimate racing frame. The carbon pod offers a lot more protection to the electronics but still is soft mounted to absorb some of the kinetic energy in crashes. Also the pod can be flipped open by removing only 2 screws for fast acess to the stack.

In contrast to many current “toothpick” style frames, the RiskiX features a 16×16 stack mounting pattern with the camera mounted in the front. This allows for a slim aerodynamic profile and a similar look to 5″ racing frames. In addition, flight controller and ESC can be replaced individually in case something breaks.

The stretchX geometry performs great and the overall flight characteristics are very similar to 5″ frames.

Top features:

  • 135mm StretchX diagonal
  • 16×16 stack compatibility
  • full camera protection
  • replaceable arms (c-type / boomerang)
  • chamfered edges
  • 3″ propeller size
  • weight: ca 22g with all 3D printed components
  • 3mm full 3K arm thickness
  • protective CFK pod (the pod is very stiff and will not bend (thus will protect all the electronics inside much better than TPU only))
  • foldable carbon pod
  • quick swap LiPo system
  • capacitor mount in the back
  • TBS XF race antenna mount

Kit includes:

  • 1x bottom plate
  • 1x mid plate
  • 2x arm
  • 2x pod plate
  • TPU kit
  • hardware kit
  • 2x quick swap LiPo system (3S and 4S)

    recommended accessories

    • Flight Succex V2.1 ESC + FC (12A)
    • AMAX 1303 4600 2-4S Motor
    • Gemfan 3018 Propellers
    • Runcam Racer Nano 1.8mm
    • TBS UNIFY nano PRO32
    • TBS XF nano receiver
    • TBS XF race antenna
    • 3S 450mAh or 4s 450mAh
    • Gemfan 3018
    • TBS Crossfire TX Lite


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