StickiX 3″ BNF


Ultimate BNF 3″ Toothpick!



The ultimate BNF Toothpick class Racer is here!

Only the highest quality components are put together in this setup! Made by racers for racers! Custom PID tune for PERFECT flight characteristics and instant race experience*.

Top features:

  • 116mm TrueX diagonal
  • 3-4S Lipo
  • 3″ Propellers
  • weight: ca 71g dry, 114g with 3s 520 mAh
  • 3mm full 3K unibody plate
  • protective CFK camera pod
  • quick swap LiPo system
  • preconfigured PID profile* (auto change for 3S and 4S LiPo)
  • preconfigured OSD*
  • preconfigured telemetry*

Kit includes:

  • Bind and Fly StickiX or StickiX Kit
  • 4 pairs of Gemfan 3016 propellers
  • 3x quick swap LiPo system

    Whats under the hood:

    • Pyrodrone F4 AIO 12A V2 (same as Nameless F4)
    • GEPRC 1204 5000kv 3-4S Motor
    • Gemfan 3016×3 / 3018 Propellers
    • Runcam Racer Nano 2 (1.8mm)
    • TBS UNIFY nano PRO32
    • TBS XF nano receiver

    recommended accessories

    • 3S/4s 520mAh
    • Gemfan 3016×3 / 3018 Propellers
    • TBS Crossfire TX Lite

    *  Only for BNF