5″ vertical frame for racing pilots



The VertiX is the perfect “vertical” frame for demanding race pilots.

The Vertix is not one of our own frames, the man behind the it is Valentin Bersier (beeb fpv). He put alot of work into the design and optimized the frame in terms of durability. Its really stiff and sturdy! Thankfully, Valentin allowed us to distribute the design.

Key features are:

  • vertical arm design
  • 225mm diagonal
  • Weight: ca 100g
  • 3mm arm thickness
  • optional front/rear/side braces
  • TrueX
  • Gopro ready
  • Many 3D printed Accesoires

Kit includes:

  • 3mm Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • 4x 4mm Arms
  • 3x Sidebars
  • 2x Front / Rearbars
  • 2x lower Motor Plate
  • 2x upper Motor Plate
  • Standoffs and Screws
  • Camera Protection
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • Silicon Battery Pad