Diameter X235


The diameter from motor to motor is 235mm and the frame fits 5.1“ props.



Designing, prototyping and an important part of the manufacture process has taken place in switzerland.



The FlowX frame weights 135g with all 3D printed parts included.

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3D printed pod for ultimate protection

The pod is designed to function as an "airbag" for your FlowX main body. The impact energy is partly absorbed by the flexible plastic to make sure all carbon parts of the frame have a long and happy life. All STL's are available for download.

Image for pod

Low CG for great flight experience!

The design allows a very low center of gravity with Gopro and battery on top of the frame. Thanks to the 3D printed pod, the Gopro is sitting below the topplate. This is a unique feature!

Image for low cg

Unique antenna mount design!

Our unique flexible antenna mount provides a robust and sexy solution for your FPV antenna! Keeping the antenna away from the props drastically improves its lifetime and helps with better reception. SMA and AXII style mounts are available.

Image for unique antenna mount design

Fast arm replacement

The Arm design allows for a fast arm replacement without touching the flight controller stack! The mounting pattern matches the dimensions of the well known Alien Frame. This way you can use the popular Mr. Steele PDB for KISS flight controllers.

Image for fast arm replacement

FPV camera

The FPV camera is well protected inside the Pod which allows an angle between 30-55°. The Pod fits common micro sized FPV cameras such as Micro Swift 2/3 etc.

Image for fpv camera

Smooth edges on all our frames!

Fillets on our mainplates give ultra smooth finish and extended lifetime. This also decelerates the occurence of delamination on the arm endings.

Image for smooth edges

Battery on top

The Lipo battery is mounted on top of the frame and can be oriented along or 90° rotated relative to the flight direction. The topplate design makes sure the lipo straps are hold in place in case of a crash.

Image for battery on top

GoPro Ready!

Our GoPro mount can be mounted on top of the pod with a Lipo strap. We also provide a solution for GoPro Hero Cameras without a strap.

Image for GoPro ready