CinematiX 5X8 BNF


Ultimate BNF Cinewhoop

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The ultimate BNF cinewhoop for

FX6 Komodo Indoor

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Battery Mount

The built-in battery mount minimizes the drone’s overall inertia, resulting in a more responsive and agile experience. It perfectly accommodates Tattu 6S 4500mAh and 6000mAh batteries. With the battery staying within a 10mm margin, the drone’s height is decreased, boosting confidence when navigating through narrow spaces.

TPU Bumper

Anxious about navigating tight spaces? No need to fret! With the TPU Bumper, your frame and surroundings stay protected, even in the event of contact with a wall or less-than-perfect landings.

Camera Mount

The frame boasts an incredibly adaptable camera mount. Our in-house UCM camera mount offers the flexibility of being either hard or soft-mounted, allowing for placement in multiple positions to suit your preferences.


On either side of the drone, you’ll find handlebars perfect for mid-air grabs, making continuous, crazy oneshots a breeze to capture.

XT30 Power

The XT30 terminal, securely fastened to the frame, delivers reliable 12V power for your cinema camera. Its sturdy connection ensures easy and convenient plug-in and removal, providing seamless access for your camera’s power needs.

3D Printed Parts

Many 3D printed parts make this Frame very organized and easy to maintain. You end up with a clean build where every part sits tight at its specific place. We provice parts for the AirUnit, Pololu Step-Down, SMA Connection and the Immortal-T Antenna, Crossfire receiver and many more.

Conformal coating

We apply conformal coating to the electronics of our BNFs, including the flight controller, ESC, receiver, and GPS during assembly. However, to prevent overheating issues, our standard process excludes coating the O3 air unit and O3 camera.

5″ X8 Cinewhoop

We are proud to offer the CinematiX 5 X8 as a complete BNF with everything you need to start your own FPV journey. This setup is made and optimized for shooting professional cinematic footage with heavy film cameras like Sony FX6 and Red Komodo. Since the sandwich construction provides a stiff base, the CinematiX 5 can handle some acrobatic moves despite its cinewhoop-ish look and protected propellers. It’s main area of expertise however is tight locations including people or other ‘soft targets’. The protection cage increases operational safety for anyone involved and near the place of shoot.

The components used for this build are some of the best available products on the market. They have been thoroughly tested making this the trusted Gear for any mission. Each BNF Drone is hand built, tested and tuned here in Switzerland. Please be informed this takes time – we need roughly 2 weeks to prepare your BNF.

Top Specs

100 km/h +
2 km and more
3-5 minutes

Top features

– DJI Air Unit HD Videolink

– Polulu BEC 12V 4.5A & Wuerth capacitor for camera power via XT30

– separate Polulu BEC 12V 2.4A & Wuerth capacitor for Air Unit power

– Different cam mounting options

– 6S LiPo power

– up to 5.2″ Propellers

– conformal coating

– specific tune

– preconfigured PID profile

– preconfigured OSD

– preconfigured telemetry

– test flight performed on every drone

Kit includes

– BNF CinematiX 5×8

– 4 pairs of 5.2″ propellers

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– No cinema camera included!

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5.2" propellers

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