RangeX Epic V2 BNF

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Ultimate BNF 7″ filmmaking drone

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The ultimate BNF 7"

Film Longrange Outdoor quad

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7″ Long Range Quad aka Beast

We are proud to offer the RangeX as a complete BNF with everything you need to start your own FPV journey. This setup is made and optimized for shooting long range cinematic footage. Mountain diving, endurance flying and similar scenarios where speed and flight time is important are what the RangeX is best at! Its efficient propulsion setup allows longer flight times and fast cruising speed to cover several kilometers with a single LiPo. The Build is made to carry a GoPro camera mounted upside down below the front pod. This makes sure the GoPro Lens is the lowest point in forward flight to create the little extra sauce in low pass long range footage!

The components used for this build are some of the best available products on the market. They have been thoroughly tested making this the trusted Gear for any mission.

Each BNF Drone is hand built, tested and tuned here in Switzerland. Please be informed this takes time – we need roughly 2 weeks to prepare your BNF.

Check out Ellis van Jason’s Cinematic FPV Masterclass for more info and insight on how to improve your drone footage!

Top Specs

150 km/h +
3 km and more
8-12 minutes
700-1200g (incl. GoPro and LiPo)

Top features

– DJI Air Unit HD Videolink

– Optimized for carrying GoPro 6-11

– 6S LiPo power

– 7″ Propellers

– 6mm arm thickness

– RangeX Epic V2 Frame

– XNOVA 2806.5 1300KV motors

– Aikon F7 FC & 6S 30×30 ESC

– TBS Crossfire Diversity

– optional Pololu 12V BEC & RC switch for 2x 10W COB LEDs

– DJI O3 or Air Unit V1

– TBS Triumph Pro Longrange antenna

– M10 GPS

– recommended Battery size: 6s 4000-4500mAh

– conformal coating

– specific tune

– preconfigured PID profile

– preconfigured OSD

– preconfigured telemetry

– test flight performed on every drone

Kit includes

– BNF RangeX incl. GoPro mount

– 4 pairs of 7″ propellers

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– Sweet goodies to make your day!

1 review for RangeX Epic V2 BNF

  1. Nopro

    Awesome Product! Simply the best drone for professional long range flying.
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  1. Nopro

    Awesome Product! Simply the best drone for professional long range flying.

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