StickiX 3″ BNF

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Ultrafast BNF 3″ race Toothpick!

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Each BNF Drone is hand built, tested and tuned here in Switzerland. Please be informed this takes time – we need roughly 1 week to prepare your BNF

We are proud to offer the Mini Race Kit as a complete BNF with everything you need to start your own FPV journey.

This setup is made and optimized for pure racing.  The components used for this build are some of the best available products on the market. They have been thoroughly tested making this THE trusted gear for practice, fun and tournament racing!

The Mini Race Kit is a tiny racing machine with astonishing capabilities. On tight indoor tracks it can match the speed of bigger drones because it’s so light yet still powerful. 

However, thanks to it’s reduced weight, the Mini Race Kit is a lot less dangerous compared to its big brother. An AUW of less than 180g makes the Mini Race Kit good enjoying for racing experience while keeping risk of damage low. 

If you do not have any equipment yet, check out our InstantFly starter Kit with everything you need!

InstantFly Kit

  • 3-4S Lipo
  • 3″ Propellers
  • weight: ca 60g dry
  • protective CFK pod
  • quick swap LiPo system
  • preconfigured PID profile*  (4S LiPo)
  • preconfigured OSD*
  • preconfigured telemetry*

Frame features:

  • 116mm TrueX diagonal
  • weight: 8.4 g Bottomplate and 12.7 g incl. pod and screws
  • 3mm full 3K bottom plate
  • smooth edges
  • countersunk fc screws
  • Quick swap battery mount
  • 25.4×25.4mm  and 16x16mm stack compatibility
  • TPU canopy for nano cameras and TBS Unify vtx
  • CFK Canopy for optimal protection for your electronics (+4g in weight)
  • USB cutout for downwards facing USB ports

Kit includes:

  • 1x StickiX BNF or Kit
  • 4x Battery quick swap system
  • 4 pairs Gemfan 3018 propellers

    What’s under the hood?:

    • JHEMCU AIO 35A
    • 1204 5000kv 3-4S Motor
    • Gemfan 3018 Propellers
    • Runcam Racer Nano 2 1.8mm
    • TBS UNIFY nano PRO32
    • TBS XF nano receiver

    Recommended accessories: 

    • GNB 3S 520mAh or 4S 520mAh
    • Gemfan 3018 propellers
    • TBS Crossfire TX Lite

    *only for BNF


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