CinematiX 35


versatile BNF Cinewhoop

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The ultimate cinewhoop Frame for

GoPro 12 DJI Action 4 Naked GoPro

TPU Bumper

Concerned about navigating through narrow spaces? Fear not!

The TPU Bumper ensures the safety of your frame and surroundings, even in the event of a collision with a wall or less-than-perfect landings.

Camera Mount

The CinematiX 35 is specifically designed for compact action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 12, DJI Action 4, or a bare (naked) GoPro. Each camera comes with its own custom 3D-printed mount to ensure a precise and seamless fit.

Antenna position

Parting the two O3 antennas into left and right configurations enables optimal coverage for video transmission.

XT60 Power

A securely fastened XT60 terminal ensures a robust connection for your LiPo battery and expedites pit stop procedures.

3D Printed Parts

The inclusion of numerous 3D printed components greatly enhances the structural organization and ease of maintenance for this frame. It results in a tidy assembly where each component securely occupies its designated location. We offer 3D prints for the O3 Air Unit, O3 antennas, optional SMA mounts, the Immortal-T Antenna, and the Crossfire receiver.

Battery Mount

The frame accommodates LiPo batteries ranging from 6s 850mAh to 1400mAh, and in all configurations with both naked and full GoPro setups, it maintains an ideal Center of Gravity (COG).

3.5″ Cinewhoop aka CinematiX 35

We take great pride in presenting the CinematiX 35 as a Frame or DIY package, complete with all the essentials to embark on your FPV journey. This frame is meticulously designed and optimized for capturing professional cinematic footage, offering flexible mounting options for various cameras. It pairs exceptionally well with a Naked GoPro, delivering flight times of up to 9 minutes.

Despite its cinewhoop-inspired appearance and safeguarded propellers, the CinematiX 35 boasts impressive agility for acrobatic maneuvers. Its primary strength, however, lies in its ability to navigate tight spaces, including close proximity to people or other delicate subjects. The protective cage significantly enhances operational safety for all individuals involved in and around the shooting location.

If you opt for the DIY Kit, you’re encouraged to make use of our BNF presets to help maximize the potential of your drone.

Top Specs

– made for DJI O3 / Vista

– 25.4×25.4 AIO or 20×20 stack options

– M2 9-12mm motor mount pattern

– up to 3.5″ Propellers

– 100g weight incl. 3D printed parts

Frame Kit includes

– CinematiX 35 frame incl. Camera Mount

– Hardware Set

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– TPU printed parts

DIY Kit includes

– CX35 Frame Kit

– 4x XNOVA 2203.5 2400kv

– 1x JEHMCU GHF745 40A

– 1x DJI O3

– 2x TrueRC singularity antenna

– Crossfire Nano or Happymodel ELRS RX

– PID & Filter setup from our BNF drones

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