High end 5″ / 6″ race frame

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The SkeliX is our brand new race frame focussed on usability!

  • Carbon skeleton to distribute forces along arms
  • Soft mounted carbon canopy (3mm thickness!!)
  • Revolving pod for easy maintenance (only 2 screws for stack access)
  • 220mm Stretched diagonal
  • chamferred edges
  • Weight: ca. 70g naked, 88g with all printed parts (including fin, fpv antenna mount, camera protection and immortal T)
  • Replaceable arms (only 1 screw for arm replacement!)
  • 20×20 and 30×30 stack compatiblity (20×20 M3)
  • Slot for LiPo strap
  • extra room for easy building (28mm stack height)

FPV Camera Type:

  • 19x19mm size, short lens (like runcam racer 2)

FPV Antenna Type:

  • Axii, Lollipop, Triumph Pro, Axii micro

Kit includes:

  • 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 4x 5mm Arm
  • 2mm Mid Plate
  • 2mm Mid Plate Small
  • 2x 3mm Carbon Pod Plate
  • Standoffs (25mm) and Screws
  • 3D printed Camera Protection
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • 3D printed Crossfire Antenna Mount
  • Silicone Battery Pad

Recommended Setup:

  • Pyrodrone F4 Race FC
  • Pyro32F3 45A 3-6S ESC
  • Emax ECO 2306 2700kv
  • Runcam Racer 3
  • TBS Triumph Pro antenna
  • TBS unify nano pro32
  • TBS XF nano receiver
  • TBS Immortal T antenna

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