5-7″ Longrange frame

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Thanks to Mr. NoPro for this RangeX Epic Trailer!

The RangeX is the perfect frame for demanding Longrange/Cinematic Pilots. Key features are:

  • 3mm Mainplate
  • 6mm arm thickness
  • WideX
  • Smooth Edges
  • TBS Immortal T Mount (horizontal, vertical)
  • Gopro ready
  • GPS Mount
  • Many 3D printed Accesoires

RangeX Standard:

  • 230 / 250 / 310 mm diagonal
  • Weight: ca 140g
  • tiltable carbon Cage (25-40°)

RangeX Epic:

  • Deadcat arm style
  • Weight: ca 160g (210G as in picture incl. arm braces and GoPro mount)
  • low pass footage (GoPro lens ist lowest point in flight)
  • No props in view

Kit includes:

  • 3mm Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • 4x 6mm Arms
  • Standoffs and Screws
  • 3D printed Camera Protection
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • Silicon Battery Pad
  • optional: arm braces (good for heavy lipos >= 6s4000)


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