Universal Camera Mount UCM


versatile & lightweight

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0-35° | 35-39° camera angle

optimal struct placement

freely adjustable angle

ready for TOAD

Swings open for easy camera mounting

Universal Camera Mount

The underlying idea to create this camera mount is to have a universal low profile mount with good strut placement to support the camera weight at any camera angle. The solution is a lightweight (100g cam mount, 60g baseplate) and stiff construcion that keeps your flight logs clean.

The baseplate has the same mounting option as naked BMPCC cameras meaning it can fit a variety of frames and BNFs on the market.

Top features

– Fits any naked BMPCC frame

– 0 – 39° camera angle

– swings open for easy camera mounting

Kit includes

– UCM Camera mount

– baseplate

– spare screws

– Silicon Battery Pad

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