Toothpick style race frame



The StickiX is our turn on Toothpick style mini racers. Key features are:

  • 100mm TrueX diagonal
  • weight: ca 9g including hardware and camera mount
  • 2mm full 3K bottom plate
  • 25.4×25.4mm  and 16x16mm stack compatibility
  • TPU canopy for aio cameras in 40° or 50° or nano cameras and extra vex

Kit includes:

  • 2mm bottom plate
  • TPU canopy
  • 5x M2x15mm screws
  • 5x M2 locknuts
  • rubber band
  • anti slip pad

    Recommended Setup:

    • HBS F405 F4 flight controller
    • Hyperlite Toothpick 1103 motors
    • 65MM prop (for 1.5mm shaft size)
    • HCF7 5.8G 48CH camera & vtx
    • TBS XF nano receiver
    • TBS XF micro receiver antenna
    • TATTU 2S HV 450mAh