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Unique 360 camera Frame

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The ultimate 360 FPV Frame for

Insta 360 One RS 1 INCH creativity craziness

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3.5″ 360 Drone

Presenting the CinematiX 360 Frame & DIY Kit – a versatile and user-friendly aerial companion designed to capture your surroundings in full detail. With its advanced Insta 360 1 INCH camera, this drone offers a unique perspective on drone videography. The straightforward design ensures clear views from every angle, making it an ideal choice for capturing panoramic videos and unleashing your creativity.

Built for both enthusiasts and professionals, the CinematiX 360 features essential components such as retractable landing gear, strategically placed O3 Antennas, and easy-to-access buttons for a seamless user experience.

Incorporating reliable components from trusted brands, the CX360 DIY kit electronics prioritises efficiency and reliability over price.

Enhance your aerial photography with the CX360 – a simple yet innovative solution for capturing panoramic perfection.

First batch expected to ship end of February / beginning of March

Top Specs DIY Kit

80 km/h +
1 km and more
2 – 5 minutes
688g (including LiPo and camera)

Top features (DIY KIT)

– DJI Air Unit O3 Videolink

– Optimized for carrying Insta360 one RS 1 INCH

– 4S LiPo power (Bonka 4s 650)

– 3.5″ Propellers

– 2 mm cfk thickness

– XNOVA 2204 2900KV motors


– TBS Crossfire Nano RX

– 2x 5V 2ABEC for Servo and Camera power

– TrueRC singularity antennas

– recommended Battery type: 4s 650 mAh Bonka

– conformal coating

– specific tune available

Frame only includes

– CinematiX 360 Frame

– 3D printed parts

– Screw set

– 2x Servo

– 2x 5V 2A BEC

– 2x TrueRC antenna u.fl long

– 2x USB C connector M/F

– 2x XT30 terminal

DIY Kit includes

– Xnova 2204 2900kv

– Jhemcu GHF745 AIO

– DJI o3 Air unit

– TBS crossfire Nano RX SE

Protect your Lens

Our unique retractable landing gear serves to safeguard the lens from scratches. It is robust and dependable, surpassing anything previously observed. Nevertheless, it is not designed for crash protection.

Balance is Key

This configuration achieves complete balance with batteries on the sides and the camera inserted in the center, ensuring a perfect Center of Gravity (CoG) and, consequently, exceptional maneuverability and efficiency.

one – touch record

Accessing the camera buttons is effortless with the 3D-printed mount. Simply press the record button to awaken the camera.

Binding made easy

Binding the Crossfire Nano RX receiver has never been easier thanks to direct access to its bind button.

Solid pit stop speed

Swapping batteries is made easy with the built-in AMASS XT30 connector, offering additional convenience. For optimal performance, we recommend using 2x Bonka 4s 650 mAh 75C LiPos.

Mechanical Endstop

The mechanical support of the landing gear end stop prevents damage to servos and accidental retractions, ensuring resilience even during bumpy landings. No need to worry.

Antenna positioning

The O3 Antennas are strategically positioned on the exterior of the frame, unobstructed, to ensure optimal signal quality.

USB Accessibility

Adapting rates, accessing the flight log and changing settings is easy to do with the extended USB port for the flight controller.

SD Card access

Accessing the SD card and of the Insta360 camera is achievable at the rear of the frame. This feature will be revealed after the release!

Premium components

Rather than depending on a single brand for all components, we opted for the most efficient and reliable elements available in the market for this build. Each drone undergoes an extensive in-house quality and performance check before shipment, ensuring the highest possible reliability.

Conformal coating

We apply conformal coating to the electronics of our BNFs, including the flight controller, ESC, receiver, and GPS during assembly. However, to prevent overheating issues, our standard process excludes coating the O3 air unit and O3 camera.

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