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Ultimate ‘naked’ Cinelifter

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The ultimate cinelifter for

Naked BMPCC 4k/6k lightweight cameras action footage

KinomatiX gyrolog

Clean Gyro Log

With the most recent advances in PID tuning with Brian white’s genius PIDToolbox, blackbox logging became vastly more popular for PID tuning and frame review. We proudly present this plot depicting the frequency distribution on our KinomatiX BNF. Very low noise in general and no spikes in the important region of below 100hz can be observed. The log represents a 1 and 1/2 minutes flight with some punches, flips and cruising (thanks David Gu!). Feel free to download the log and check out yourself!

Versatile Lipo placement

With the KinomatiX Lite, you can either use two smaller 6S Lipos on top of the BMPCC or one big cinelifter Lipo below the frame. This means you can either use your cinelifter batteries or pair two of your 5″ LiPos together in order to power your KinomatiX Lite setup. XT60 and XT90 connectors are mounted rigidly onto the frame and are also contained in the Frame Kit.

GPS & Antenna mount

The printed GPS mount will make sure it stays in place and is slightly angled to ensure a fast gps lock and strong connection during forward flight. The integratged XT90/AS150 mount allows hassle free Lipo changing. SMA antenna mounts are also integrated into the same 3D printed part, angle towards the back to ensure ideal placement in forward flight.

3D prints

TPU Mount for all components used in our Builds (Pololu, Air Unit, Nano RX Diversity, 50v Caps etc.) are available and included in the frame Kit. Forget about zip ties and tape!

XT30 Power supply and cap placement

A cutout in the center of the frame allows ideal (close to load) placement of capacitors for ESC and Pololu. This cutout also helps to guide the XT30 power cable for the BMPCC naked. The cable can also be safely stored for flights without a active camera (testing etc)

Camera mount

The mounting holes for the naked camera can hold any naked BMPCC camera on the market. M3 pressnuts make sure the camera can be mounted securely and removed quickly.

8″ Cinelifter X8 aka KinomatiX Lite

After a long journey of refinements and design discussions we are proud to release the KinomatiX Lite as our 8″ X4 cinelifter frame. The frame is made to carry any naked BMPCC 4k or 6k camera on the market.

The KinomatiX Lite was optimized in many aspects to create a stiff base structure for carrying naked cameras with clean flight characteristics and gyro logs. Many small improvements for reliable operation originating in the cinelifter community are condensed into this frame. 3D prints for every part allow a very clean build with great cable management and component placement.

The components used for this build are among the best available on the market. XNOVA proves to be a highend motor manufacturer in every motor class, same goes for AIKON on their stacks with extremely high reliability. Pololu are used for voltage conversion for the BMPCC and Air unit, panasonic capacitors make sure voltage spikes do not cause any issues for the build.

Huge shoutout to Ellis van Jason for helping us to improve many design parameters of this frame for virtually perfect flight characteristics and smooth operation even in harsh conditions.

Top Specs

150 km/h +
2 km and more
3-8 minutes

Top features

– Made for DJI Air Unit HD Videolink

– Use a BEC for camera power via XT30

– Optimized for carrying BMPCC naked cameras

– 8″ Propellers

– 8mm arm thickness

Kit includes

– KinomatiX Lite CFK Kit

– Standoffs and Screws

– 3D parts Kit

– Silicon Battery Pad

– 2 Kevlar LiPo Straps

– Sweet goodies to make your day!

– No cinema camera included!

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