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Unique 9″ long range drone

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The ultimate frame for

longrange exploration endurance quad

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One-piece canopy

The canopy is a one-piece print covering all the electronics and provides outstanding aerodynamic characteristics. Airflow intakes and dust protection are a must have for reliability. After printing the canopy, the nylon is vapor smoothed in a second step making the outside extremely clean – a procedure never seen before in FPV drones manufacturing.

Carbon fiber Pod structure

We have used this kind of pod structure in different frames and adopted our unique approach to the RangeX Pro. The result is a very low profile and strong carbon fiber pod with room for all components. It’s connected via highend aluminum CNC parts to add rigidity to the mainframe.

Unique GoPro position

All Frames in our RangeX family share this feature. The GoPro is mounted upside down, so the lens is the lowest point in forward flight. Why? Juicy low pass footage guaranteed! you may worry about your GoPro’s health, but crashing a longrange drone usually means losing it in unretrievable terrain. Of course GoPro angle can be changed easily as it is with all our frames.

GoPro angle adjustment

As with all our cinematic Frames, changing GoPro angle is easily done. Two thumbscrews secure the gopro from 0 -45° degrees.


The integrated AMASS XT90 connector helps to ease battery changes.

INAV or Betaflight

INAV is an alternative flight controller firmware which is focussed on GPS features like position Hold and return to home. The RangeX Pro is configured with INAV from the factory giving you extra safety for your longrange missions. Position hold and reliable return to home flight modes are available with our factory tune & setup. The GPS is conveniently placed under the hood without huge sacrifices in GPS satellites signal quality & quantity.


Each BNF comes with extremely bright COB LEDs that can be turned on and off from your remote controller. Never loose sight of your longrange buddy when doing co-op missions again. Epic formation flights about to be reality!

USB Accessibility

Adapting rates, accessing the flight log and changing settings is easy to do with the extended USB port for the flight controller without removing the canopy.

Active Cooling

The O3, flight controller and ESC are cooled by a small fan sitting in the front. This makes sure the drone can sit still for a prolonged period before takeoff without compromising O3 output power or flight controller reliability. During flight, the air intakes push great airflow around all heat sensitive components.

Best components

Instead of relying on a single brand for all components, we chose the most efficient and reliable components the market has to offer for this build. The in-house quality and perfomance check each single drone goes through before shipment is extensive for highest possible reliability.

9″ LongRanger aka RangeX Pro


The RangeX Pro is out! Redefining performance, look and capabilities of longrange drones, the RangeX Pro is like nothing you have seen before. The aerodynamic hood replaces common top plate designs and reduces air resistance noticeably! The internals are well protected, the Air Unit O3 is cooled by passive and active airflow and the looks of the drone is unmatched. This is a product for professional pilots, not something every youngster has in their hangar.

Unique RangeX features are implemented into the Pro version: upside down GoPro for crazy lowpass footage, deadcat arm design for a prop-free view* and arm braces with crazy bight LEDs make the RangeX Pro a worthy member in our long range lineup.

RangeX Pro is built with the best components available, meaning we choose the best offerings from several brands. The DIY Kit provides all the parts that we’re using for our BNFs. You will have access to our BNF preset as well as a manual on how to build this frame properly.

Top Specs

150 km/h +
6 km and more
10 – 30 minutes

Frame Kit

– RangeX Pro CFK Frame

– RangeX Pro Nylon PA12 vapor smoothed canopy

– UART FTDI + USB C extension

– 12V Fan 2010

– Pololu 12V 2.4A BEC for LED

– Pololu RC switch small for LED

– 4x COB LED in red / green / blue

– 3D prints and hardware

– 2x Kevlar Lipo Strap

DIY Kit includes

– RangeX Pro Frame Kit

– TBS Crossfire diversity Nano RX

– 2x TBS Immortal T extra extended

– 2x TrueRC Singularity SMA

– Xnova 2810 1100kv

– Aikon 30×30 ESC

– T-Motor 30×30 FC (INAV OR BF)

– 8x German 9045×3 Propeller

– DJI O3 Air Unit

– Pololu 12V 2.4A BEC for LED

– Pololu RC switch small for LED

– 4x COB LED in red / green / blue

– 12V Fan

– Flywoo M10 GPS

– Rubicon 50V 1000uF capacitor

– UART FTDI + USB C extension

– 2x U.Fl SMA adapter

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