FlowX Mini


3″ cinematic frame

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The FlowX Mini is designed for shooting cinematic footage whenever safety is a concern. Its a very lightweight 3″ Cinewhoop frame made for the most recent hardware. The Frame can carry a full size GoPro Hero 6/8/9 or a naked GoPro.

With its optional PropGuards, the FlowX Mini can easily be turned into a Cinewhoop. The Ducts FlowX Mini TPU Ducts are supported by a carbon fiber plate to avoid excessive bending of the duct.

Just like his bigger brother, the FlowX Mini has a mechanism to tilt the GoPro mount. This allows to adapt the flying speed to perfectly catch the shot! This also applies to the soft-mounted camera pod – a solution to reduce vibrations coming to the cameras and to absorb some kinetic energy in crashes for damage reduction on the drone. 

Top features:

    • 180mm diagonal (3″)
    • 25.4×25.4 or Dual 20×20 Stack
    • Weight: ca. 40g (+- 80g incl. Ducts and GoPro mount)
    • adjustable Gopro mount
    • CaddX vista compatible
    • 14x14mm camera size
    • 20mm build height
    • WideX
    • Top mounted LiPo
    • Smooth edges
    • TBS Immortal T Mount
    • Many 3D printed Accessories

    Kit includes:

    • FlowX Mini CFK Kit
    • GoPro Mount
    • TPU Kit
    • Standoffs and Screws
    • Silicone Battery Pad
    • goodies