FlowX V2


5″ cinematic frame

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The FlowX V2 is made for shooting Cinematic FPV Footage. 

The most important feature is the tiltable GoPro mount. The Pod design allows accurate positioning to catch the best shot. 

Its optimized for 20×20 hardware so its rather slim compared to its predecessor. The front Pod is soft mounted to absorb vibrations and act as a shock absorber in crashes. 

Thanks to its rigid 6mm Mainframe stiffness and durability are maximized. Arms can be easily swapped by removing 2 screws.

  • 225mm diagonal
  • optimized for 20×20 hardware, 30×30 possible
  • Weight: ca. 120g
  • adjustable Gopro mount
  • DJI HD compatible
  • 19mm (analog) or 20mm (HD) camera Size
  • 20mm build height
  • WideX
  • Top mounted LiPo
  • Smooth edges
  • TBS Immortal T Mount
  • Many 3D printed Accessories

Kit includes:

  • FlowX V2 CFK Kit
  • GoPro Mount
  • TPU Kit
  • Standoffs and Screws
  • Silicone Battery Pad
  • goodies